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There's no denying it: with this humid heat, Texas summer must be on its way. 

And while I'm not looking forward to the sweltering weather it did have me thinking back to my summers in Indiana. My sister, friends and I always divided our time between the local pool, the little league fields and between each others' houses, where we always found something to do.
And a lot times that involved sidewalk chalk. We were always outside coloring something on the driveway, so I thought I’d pass on a few ideas for you guys to either try with your kids or to help get them out of your hair. Here are my favorites:

Sidewalk chalk houses.
This is great for driveways that are sectioned off into large rectangles. We'd choose our squares - a fight usually ensued over the largest ones - and then went to town, drawing things into what became the individual rooms of the house. The great part about this was there was no limit to what your room could contain. The only issue was the amount of space you had. But after drawing for a while we'd all start talking about the cool things we had in our rooms that nobody else had in theirs. And then, as an added bonus, you had a "new" play space that stayed around until the next rain storm or garden hose fight gone amiss.

Trace and color people:
My mom came up with this one at my 10th birthday party. One kid lays down on the sidewalk while another traces him or her. After that's done you can draw on whatever clothes, facial expressions, etc. that you want. Just be careful: my dad still laughs about that birthday party, saying our driveway looked like the scene of a mass casualty with all of those traced bodies.  

 Those are the real "biggies" I can think of. Of course, you'll always want to watch out for those unexpected surprises that crop up any time a kid has writing utensils in their hand.

Clothes, for instance, become a GREAT canvas and drawings can sometimes get a little out of control. I was babysitting my little sister a while back and was playing with her sidewalk chalk when she called me over to look at the person she'd anatomically correct man.  Needless to say, I made her draw on a pair of pants.

Anyway, happy drawing!