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OK, I want a show of hands out there. How many of you guys have eaten Play-Doh?

Seriously, be honest. You don't have to admit to it publicly. Just acknowledge that it's happened.

I've never tried the store-bought stuff, but my mom would mix up a peanut butter Play-Doh recipe for us every once in a while - something we could play with for a while, possibly decorate with chocolate chips and the like, but then gobble away.

And with the exception of the stickyness that ensued, it was a pretty good deal. I thought that, with summer's end approaching, this could be another way for parents to keep the kiddos occupied - and an easy snack to prepare, too.

Here's how:

Take a cup of non-fat dry milk, a half cup of peanut butter and a fourth-cup of honey. Mix it up and VOILA!  

It's actually pretty good.

As far as "real" Play-Doh, I guess I can't say. (Although I will admit to taking a chomp out of a stick of chalk once, thinking it looked a lot like those vanilla-flavored sticks that come in Fun Dip pouches. Not the same. Trust me) I have plenty of friends who say they actually like the taste of  Play Doh. From its smell, it seems like it'd be a bit salty. But who am I to guess?

In case you're curious, check out this Web site for another viewpoint on the Play Doh-eating phenomenon. Funny stuff.