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Where does inspiration come from?

Pretty much anywhere, from what I understand. I've spoken to designers who have admitted to getting color ideas from rusty, graffiti-covered train cars, scrapbookers who say they peek at other people's albums and my best friend's 4-year-old has been responsible for more than one bout of inspiration on my end.

But what about those everyday objects you probably don't give a second look to? The traffic lights, the flight of stairs you climb at work, the neon exit sign? Someone in Appleton, Wis. is making sure these things don't go unnoticed.

The Associated Press reported orange stickers that appeared virtually overnight across the Wisconsin town, printed with the phrase "art object" and then listing a price.

A light pole, for instance, was valued at $10,000," while a fire hydrant was reportedly worth $10.

People suspect the local Lawrence University might have something to do with it, the AP reported, but no one's admitting to it.

Rob Neilson, an assistant art professor at the university, did tell the AP, however, that the dots were serving a fundamental role in art — "to instigate thoughtful discussion of profound and provocative ideas."

"This particular piece of guerrilla art seems to have accomplished this lofty goal brilliantly," Neilson said.