Blogs » Business Notebook » Where have all the 20-somethings gone...?


Arts and crafts stores are almost always teeming with people wandering the aisles, comparing glues and papers, yarns and fabrics, and so on and so forth.

But I've noticed a trend. It seems like these stores (which, by the way, I can drop lots of money at if I'm not careful) are mostly full of people at either end of the age spectrum.

It's the little kids dashing to the markers and packs of popsicle sticks, while the much older generations mill around throughout the rest of the place.

I can't help but notice there are usually very few 20-somethings grabbing up the colored paper, embellishments, etc. And I wonder - am I strange for my age group or do these people just not know what they're missing?

I guess we all have our own outlets. Mine are crafty things and writing (go figure). I've got friends who clean for fun - although I never will understand that one - and others run when they're bored or frustrated.

I'll chalk this up to just part of my character, but it's definitely something I've taken notice of.