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You know that whole housecleaning ritual? The dusting and the decluttering and everything else you're supposed to do to avoid looking like a total slob? Yeah, that one.

I don't claim to be perfect when it comes to staying neat (Just check my closets if you don't believe me) but I try to stay on top of things. The dirty dishes are usually kept to a minimum and, with the exception of the dog hair you'll constantly find lining my floor (The dog just won't vacuum after himself!) the place looks pretty good.

But that's the apartment. Start talking about the computer and it's a whole 'nother story.

See, I'm still using the computer I took to college with me - the one that survived falling onto my keyboard with a nauseating crash during my first week at school and got loaded down after I received my digital camera for Christmas one year.

It's started running pretty slow lately, so I got in there to see if I could fix anything. I did all the typical computer things - the ones I know, at least - clearing the history, deleting temporary files and even defragmenting the thing.

Once I started going through files, though, I discovered what a technological slob I really am. I've got hundreds and hundreds of pictures cluttering my folders that I don't really need - ones where Grandma's head is cut off or the whole thing is shaky.

Other pictures are duplicates - one of my folders had doubles of every picture in it. What's up with that?

So that's been my most recent project. Clearing out the junk to see if I can salvage the computer. I know it needs to go to a repair place for a tune-up (Is that the right term? I don't even know.) but I figure I should back up the pictures and everything first, just in case.

Anybody have any helpful hints out there? I just want the thing to gasp work. And it does, sometimes. It's just that, on most days, you're waiting five minutes or so just to load a simple web page.

Gosh, where's Merry Maids when you need it?