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Walk into my apartment and you'll find a Nintendo Wii propped at my TV, a bag of chips by the couch and a tall blond hanging out with my dog. Yep, my 14-year-old "little" sister is in town for a visit. (I say "little" because she's six inches taller than me - but nine years younger. Not fair.)

And with New Year's Eve just around the corner, it had me thinking of PG-13 ways to celebrate the holiday. We'll have the obligatory sparkling cider (both red and white for our refined pallets) because it was a big hit with her last year. Not so sure we'll go the Silly String route, since I still have some of it stuck to my ceiling from ringing in 2008. But we'll see.

I went online to see what other people had come up with and found some pretty cool ideas.

This one, for instance, is a recipe for "bubbly Jell-O" that uses sparkling grape juice and ginger ale.  Let it gel in a champagne flute and it looks like the real thing. (Seriously, we might be trying that one.)

These confetti wands hold glitter until the clock strikes midnight. Then you pop the cork and welcome in the new year with a bit of sparkle. (Yeah, I'm not even mentioning this one to the sister.)

And here are recipes for kid-friendly cocktails.

Anybody out there have any fun New Year's traditions they uphold at home?

My best friend's family hands out 12 grapes right before the ball drops and, after midnight, you make one wish for each grape you eat. (Each grape represents a month of the year.) I think you're supposed to eat all of them within the first minute of the new year? I may be wrong.

But I'd like to hear what you all do.