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I'm not sure what you should call me: a sentimental saver, a memory hoarder or a plain, old pack rat. Any of the three would probably suffice.

But whether it's the ticket to a concert I attended with a good friend, a baby shower  invitation or the softball I smacked into the outfield when I was 12 years old - which resulted in a grand slam and the winning run - I probably stil have it around.

It's great to have all of these memories preserved, don't get me wrong. But it comes at a price: it eats up space.

The items that stick out most prominently in my mind are the T-shirts I've accumulated through the years. I have them from each dance recital I took part in up north, my basketball teams and even one for "Of Mice and Mozart," a musical my school put on when I was in first grade.

I obviously don't want to just chuck these things out the door, but I know they're taking up valuable space in my parents' closet at home. We're talking stacks of T-shirts, since my mom's been careful to save those that belong to both of my sisters, as well.

Does anyone have any ideas for ways to either preserve these shirts or at least save my parents some space?

A friend of ours in Indiana once made a quilt for her niece out of old sports jerseys she had - that way she still had them and was getting good use out of them. And I've considered that, but I'm no pro at the sewing machine. Far from it, really. I'm not sure I even remember how to thread it properly. But it's a neat idea.

I'm worried I'd simply puncture the fabric and completely demolish them.

I'd welcome ideas from any of you out there - my parents haven't gotten after me about the issue or anything, but I do feel bad.