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I've decided on a sort of late-in-the-game New Year's resolution: I'm making myself a scrapbook this year. Now don't get me wrong - I've also got the generic weight loss goal on my list of things to do, but this is just in addition to that.

I may not be all that great at it, but I really enjoy scrapbooking. I think it's because it's a no-stress activity that provides a glimmer of quiet time after a long day/week at work.

And while I've made quite a few scrapbooks, I've never kept a single one. They always go to friends and family members that are graduating or to people as Christmas presents.

But while I'm getting my hands sticky with glue and matching paper patterns for other people, the things I plan to use in my own scrapbooks continue to pile up.   

I think I'm going to start with a college book, just because I've got so much to work with. There are pictures, the name tags my RAs hung on my dorm room's door to let me know where I'd be living for the year and, yes, my first speeding ticket.

I got that one my freshman year, while traveling from College Station to Laredo. Kind of funny, actually, because it came about two weeks after my roommate got a ticket. I got after her for it and said, "I've never been pulled over." To which she replied, "You just jinxed it. Now you're gonna get a ticket."

But I'm ready to get all of these things out of the overflowing box. At least it'll help get my place cleaned up a bit.

I don't know how many of you out there are interested in this kind of thing, but I've found to be a great Web site. It's got patterns, layouts and discussion forums for everybody from beginners to the scrapbooking elite.