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A weekend wedding in my hometown of Anderson, Indiana led to today's blog.

The rainy Saturday moved my cousin Molly's wedding inside the city's fine arts center instead of the outdoor venue originally scheduled.

While the family wasn't sure how the building would work for the wedding - the tables, etc. were already set up for the reception - upon entering, we realized they had things under control.

My cousin had chosen an Asian-themed wedding complete with kimono-clad flower girls, a dragon performance and the men wearing silk robe sets and those triangular wicker hats.

I'm glad to say everybody seemed to be pretty good sports about it all, including my cousin John, who took the non-stop, "nice hat" comments with a smile and a shrug.

The ceremony was beautiful and the reception was fun, but that's not what got me blogging. The table decorations were what inspired me.

Scattered throughout the tables were fortune cookies filled with lovey dovey fortunes. You know, like, "happiness is falling in love with the same person over and over."

But another cousin of mine said you could microwave the cookies, open them up and replace them with your own fortunes. I've never tried it, but I've always wanted to make my own fortunes/fortune cookies.

So I went digging and here's what I found. lists three different cookie recipes and a list of fortunes to print out and use.

If I were to make them, though, I'd probably try to personalize the cookies a little. Something like,"Your impending move to Denton will bring bad luck. Stay put in Victoria." for my good friend Bj Lewis.

Or a little "Don't forget you still owe me that nine bucks" to my sister Mallory.

It'd be a creative way to get the message across and a fun project to pass the time. Has anybody out there ever tried this? Or have any brilliant ideas for fortunes?