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I got back from an interview just a bit ago and, as I glanced back at my car, I realized just how desperately the poor things needs a bath. Both inside and out.

The inside is full of dog hair and papers I don't need, while the outside is covered in Texas dust and reminders that I must have parked beneath a tree or two recently.

And while I look at the car and think, "yuck," there are others out there who would see a blank canvas.

Scott Wade is a Texas artist who does what he terms "Dirty Car Art." Basically he takes a smudgy, disgusting windshield and, wielding a few paint brushes and tools of the trade, creates a masterpiece.

His works include remakes of Starry Night and the Mona Lisa and even the ever-so-popular "Dogs Playing Poker."

I've gotta say I'm impressed. Aside from the occasional "Wash me" or "Hey Allison" somebody scrawls across my windshield, I've never come close to anything like that.

Check out his Web site and prepare to be amazed. Who knows? Maybe we've even got a few "dirty car artists" in good old Victoria who just haven't discovered their calling.