Blogs » Business Notebook » A dog-eat-dog weekend


If you've never been to a dog show before, I highly recommend it.

Well, if you're a dog lover, that is.

I spent this weekend visiting my friend Pamela in Houston and, while we spent a lot of time talking and letting our two dogs run around and play, we also ventured out to Reliant Park's World Series of Dog Shows.

We were both first-timers and didn't really know what to expect, but it was great. Our first stop was a "meet the breeds" area where we basically got to play with all different kinds of dogs.

We made our way around watching agility tests, picking up information and even catching a glimpse of "flyball," a ridiculously fast-paced relay race for dogs where they leaped over four small hurdles, grabbed a tennis ball and made their ways back so the next dog could take off.

The student art show was jaw-dropping. We spent a few minutes perusing Houston-area students' artwork and I swear you'd never know these artists were in grades k-12. The grand prize winner was a high schooler who drew a chocolate lab laying on a floor. It was so realistic it looked like you could reach out and pet it.

As much as I wish I had those artistic abilities, I don't. But I still try every once in a while.