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I spent most of last night doing laundry and straightening up my apartment. The place was in desperate need of a cleaning and it's still not quite there, but it was a productive night.

But as I folded clothes and scrubbed down counters, I came across a problem I bet 90 percent of my reporter counterparts face all the time. The sheer number of newspapers I keep inside the apartment.

It's not that I don't read them - I mean, it is my job, after all - but I keep them on hand so I can cut out my clippings. And since I don't sit down and do that every night (although I guess I should consider it) they tend to pile up.

It got me wondering, though, what I could do with all the papers once I was through with them. They usually make their way to the recycling center but I'm sure there are a few fun projects out there, too.

Any ideas out there? Some digging around online brought up several pretty interesting ideas -  greeting cards with collages, a paper mache piggy bank and even a pair of newspaper slippers, although I think I might pass on that one. (I've seen what newsprint does to my hands and I don't wish that fate on my feet.) 

Anyway, I'm just curious. If anybody out there has any brilliant ideas, I'm all ears. :)