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Right about now, school children throughout Victoria are anxiously tapping their fingers on their desktops, glaring at a clock that's ticking away at a snail's pace. You guessed it, the last day of school is upon us.

And while I'm sure we have more than one relieved teacher out there (and an exasperatied janitor preparing to clean up the after-bell madness), I'd imagine this is a day that most parents are met with a stack of papers they don't know what to do with.

What do you keep? What do you toss? If you keep it, where does it go?

I know my parents have a large plastic box for each of us tucked back in their closet. I went digging through mine just last week when I was back visiting and found softball trophies, an elementary school journal or two and papers, papers, papers.

One thing i did NOT find inside, however, was the artwork I've now become infamous for around the house. See, my first grade teacher lived on a farm and we always got special praise if we drew pictures of animals and farmers, etc. So, being the teacher's pet that I was, I drew a happy farmer standing next to a horse.  The caption was supposed to read "I like my horse. My horse likes me."

Spelling is hard in first grade though and, instead of "like," it said "lick." I still get teased about that to this day.

But anyway, I digress.

Any brilliant minds out there with creative storage ideas? had some good pointers, I thought. I'm just curious.