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So we're a few weeks into summer and, while I'm sure that means we've got kiddos out there sleeping in and getting their fills of cartoons and ice cream, I'd almost bet money there are just as many parents out there looking for projects to keep them occupied.

Well, look no further. Here ya go. 

Here's a paper kaleidoscope (OK, a Kaleidocycle or Flexahedron if you go by the actual mathematical term, but really. Who does that?) and it's pretty cool.

The entire project involves taking a paper pattern, folding along the lines and applying some glue. The finished product is what called a moving paper sculpture.

This Web site gives you the pattern and instructions, and lists links to other mathematical lessons.

One suggestion, though? Use the patterns but, instead of the four different colors the Web site suggests, draw in your own designs. It makes it a little more fun. (And parents? It takes up more time that way, too.)

Anyway, we never finished this project when I was in elementary school because the end of the year crept up on us. So I have no success stories yet. I'm planning to give it a shot this week, though, and I'll let you know how it goes.