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My best friend's little girl, Rebecca, turns four on Monday, so I'll be making the trek back to Laredo this weekend for her princess-themed, pizza-laiden, pinata-bashing party.

It cracks me up, though, because now that beautiful baby girl is old enough to tell people exactly what she wants. She told me, for instance, to get her the movie "Enchanted" and "the sparkles you put in your hair, and then you take a shower, and then you go to sleep, and when you wake up it looks so pretty."

Yeah, no idea what that last part means, so I just got her the movie and Candy Land.

But amidst all the gift buying, present wrapping and card writing, I got to thinking about the birthday parties I got while growing up.

I remember being so excited I could hardly sleep the night before the "big day," and then feeling like time dragged on FOREVER until the friends, family and presents showed up.

And while I've had my share of happy birthdays, there were a few glitches thrown in there once in a while. When I turned four, Mom made me take a nap before everybody showed up. So I layed down on my water bed and fell asleep...and woke up soaking wet a while later from a mattress that had sprung a leak.

My Mom set a Crock Pot on the stove to heat up before my sister Mallory's party but apparently it got a little TOO hot. She set it on the dining room table, only to have the Crock Pot explode, spilling bean dip all over the table cloth and leaving a huge, ring-shaped scorch in the oak table.

But I can't complain. It's the glitches that we remember. How about you guys? Any parties gone wrong?