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The Easter egg. It's a pretty simple concept: you boil an egg, you dip it in dye - preferably without dyeing your fingers but hey, if it happens it happens - and set it out on display.

As I drove home on my dinner break today, though, I was trying to figure out whether there was a way to change this childhood activity into something older generations would like just as much.

Actually, I was worrying about coming up with a blog topic, then decided on Easter eggs and THEN decided on this approach.  

And as I sat there racking my brain, it came to me: fortune cookies.

Nearly every egg dye kit comes equipped with one of those clear, wax crayons you use to draw on the egg. While the effect is sometimes pretty cool, since you can't actually SEE what you're drawing, it typically ends up looking like a three-year-old did it.

But I'm putting that crayon to good use this year.

Before Easter dinner I'm going to have each person take a hardboiled egg and write their own fortune on it. We'll place all of the "prepared" eggs into a basket and, after dinner ends, everyone will choose an egg. They'll dye it and read their fortunes. Sure it may sound cheesy, but I think it'll be fun. Just as long as no one cheats and tries to read the shiny wax on the eggs.

I figure this game can also work  as a holiday Truth or Dare style, where people write things on the eggs and players choose from a pile.

The only problem I see here is that people are going to be stuck with lots of eggs with random sayings on them. Oh well, things could be worse. At least when you pop that egg out of your lunch box at work and people question you about it you'll have a story for them.