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I took my dog Marley - he's the mutt you see to the left, looking absolutely miserable in the bunny ears - to his first obedience class yesterday. And, as my co-worker Sonny Long predicted, it looks like I'll be the one getting the education.

I've never gone to formal - or informal, for that matter - dog training classes so this will really be an experience.

Yesterday was just an introductory course where we got the dogs fitted into their training collars and then they sat in the car with the windows down as the owners learned how things would go.

We also practiced how to turn around when walking our dogs. And I think it's safe to say that, as one of a dozen people standing in a parking lot walking an imaginary dog, we all looked a little silly.

My pound puppy is really a good guy for the most-part - he knows the basics of "sit," "down," and "jump" and even how to high-five, which is fun.

But I'm looking forward to getting him used to being around people. He's skittish by nature - watch him bark at a plastic bag blowing across the ground - but when strangers approach him he freaks out. He'll back away behind me, his tail between his legs, or bark furiously until they leave.

He's never bitten anyone, but I figure it's probably good to get him as used to people as we can to avoid that from happening.

I'll keep you guys posted as classes progress and we'll see just how well he does. My co-worker Pamela Bond and her sheltie Audrey are in there, too, so at least there's a friendly face.

The instructors stressed that only two dogs have ever been kicked out of their obedience classes in the past ...  let's just hope Marley doesn't make No. 3.