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A day off from work to drown yourself in beer? It could happen, if Guinness gets its way.

The company has started an online petition - dubbed Proposition 3-17 -to make Saint Patrick's Day an official federal holiday, paid vacation and all. As of 3:19 p.m., the company had 262,416 of the million signatures they need to go before Congress.

The proposition argues that the United States' Irish-American population is nine times greater than the number of people who reside in the whole of Ireland, and that the holiday brings people together with a sense of camaraderie. 

A federal holiday, the company argues, means fewer people will miss work to celebrate and will allow people to celebrate Saint Patrick, and "express their Irishness."

So, what do you think? Personally I think if people are missing work to celebrate, they've got some issues.

Beer -even green beer - is fine and anyone who has read this blog knows I'm always up for a holiday. But correct me if I'm wrong. Doesn't the after-celebration hangover mean more call-ins the next day?

I'm just sayin'.

 Hey, cheers to Guinness if Congress takes them up on the offer. I'm just not sure it'll happen.