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OK, this blog is going out technically on behalf of my mom.

She's working on a Halloween costume for my 13-year-old sister, Sydney, in Laredo. Sydney is one of those girls who isn't satisfied with grabbing a pointy hat and calling herself a witch or chopping up an old sheet for a ghost costume.

Nope, not Sydney.

About three years back she and my other sister, Mallory, went as a set of salt and pepper shakers. A couple years ago she was a basketball goal and last year? A box of popcorn, complete with yellow and white "popcorn" loofahs.

This year she's thrown another curve ball Mom's way and this one's got her stumped. Sydney wants to be a gum ball machine.

They've got the base all worked out - my parents have these oddly-shaped dressers that came in a perfect box for a gum ball base. But it's the globe part that has her puzzled.

Anybody out there have an idea for what they can use as the clear top of the machine? The best I've come up with is a Hula Hoop attached someway to her head with Nerf balls glued inside of it - but that idea's not so hot. Plus, I think it'd be difficult to keep it on her head.

And, I mean, we don't want to suffocate the poor girl. A big plastic globe might bring about disastrous results, you know?

I was just hoping we had a genius or two out there that might have an idea up their sleeves. If Mom and Sydney pull this one off, I'll ask them to send a picture for me to post.

Thanks for your help!