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A pumpkin never comes out the way you expect it to.

Well, mine never do, at least.

On Saturday some friends and I, along with a whole gang of little girls, decided it was time to carve our jack-o-lanterns.

We headed out to the pumpkin patch at about 1 p.m. to pick out our canvases and then hit my friend Dave's house. Dave has a slab in his backyard from, what I'm guessing, is a small building that was torn down. Whatever it used to be, it was perfect for carving pumpkins. 

We all got to work, carving our masterpieces - although the kids got bored pretty quickly - and it didn't take too long, really. 

I just sort of went the "wherever the wind takes me" route and ended up with a googly-eyed pumpkin whose eye broke. Not really what I expected, but it could have been worse.

About halfway through the carving, though, a tiny puppy bounded through the grass and started laying on people, following kids around and running in that not-quite-stable, adorable way puppies have.

Well, turns out the little guy had a big flea problem, so Leslie Wilber set to work scrubbing him down. (Which, by the way, he didn't enjoy). Once toweled off, we walked him to different houses, asking who he belonged to.

Turns out he doesn't belong to anybody. I think dogs can smell animal lovers because he had three bleeding hearts there who wanted to keep him but just couldn't.

So now Leslie has the little guy (who the kiddos wanted to name Mr. Fluffy - and we politely declined) at her house, where he can tumble with her two cats. We're still looking for a home for the puppy - he's really sweet, loves to cuddle and enjoys pumpkin cupcakes (at least he liked the ones Leslie made.)

If you want a puppy or know of someone who does, send them this way. Also, if anybody out there has come up with any amazing pumpkin carving ideas this year, share the wealth!