Blogs » Business Notebook » One - OK, the ONLY - good thing about Ike


So it appears Ike might be my first hurricane experience.

See, northern girls don't face hurricanes. We see ice storms, blizzards and the possible tornado warning. Snow days were the best. 

But hurricanes? Not so much.

So I think I'm allowed to be a bit apprehensive about the whole process. I've geared up with canned food (looks like I'll be eating Chef Boyardee until I die), cleaning supplies and the whole nine yards.

And while my shopping excursions have been less than fun - crowded stores and spending lots of money aren't my cups of tea - people have been really friendly. At the grocery store, for instance, the aisles were crowded but everybody was more than helpful in moving out of the way and voicing their concerns about the storm.

The Chef Boyardee cans were on the top shelf in one aisle  and shoved to the back, and a tall guy was more than willing to help me out. (I'm 5'2'' ... makes shopping difficult sometimes.)

And one woman I spoke with as I perused the canned vegetables was full of useful information once she found out I'd never experienced a hurricane.

I know everybody's experiencing the same uncertainty I am right now. Even the veterans don't know where Ike might hit, so it's very much up in the air. Maybe that's what has everybody so willing to help.

But you know what? It's nice. Hopefully Ike will leave us alone, though.