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So the mutt and I have once again signed up for obedience class.  Same place, same instructor - heck, even same CLASS - but just a different group of people/dogs this time around.

See, Marley just doesn't do well with people. He REALLY doesn't do well. If he knows you, he's great and will do tricks for you and cuddle, etc. But he lunges at strangers, barks obnoxiously and once bit one of my best friends.

That's a little scary, especially if I ever want to have friends over to the apartment and not be scared that he'll chew someone's leg off. So we're going to class to get some more socialization going on.

The good thing is that, since he already knows the drill, he was amazing in Tuesday's class. Last time he didn't know what was going on and, at one point, just laid down and wouldn't move. This time he was attentive, sat when he was told to and GASP was even asked to demonstrate for the class because he was doing so well.

Yes, I was quite the proud dog mommy on Tuesday.

We'll see how this all goes. I really just want to get him more comfortable around people so I'm not freaking out any time somebody new comes near us.

Sure, they say you can't teach an old dog new tricks ... but he's not even two yet. I think there's still time.