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Does anybody out there have suggestions on a good video camera that preferably won't break the bank?  

My sister's told me she'd like to get a camera to record her little one as he grows and, since I haven't gotten her a big "yay, he's here!" present yet, I told her I'd contribute money to a camcorder fund. (How much depends on how much the one we find costs.)

The thing is, I don't know what I'm looking for.

There are a few inexpensive ones out there, but with names like "mini digital recorder" and the like, they leave me thinking they lack something to be desired.

I don't think we're too worried about high-def cameras or anything. Just something that will work - probably digital, since that seems to be the way everything is going - and something that won't put either of us in the poor house.

If anyone has a camera or a Web site they'd suggest, I'd be grateful! Bob Saget, beware, the Miles family will soon have a few home videos of our own!