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Editor's note: This blog was originally posted on July 23, 2009. We are posting it again due to various e-mails and messages received recently regarding this topic.

Has a racist e-mail crossed your path recently (or even not so recently) detailing a retail boycott by the Hispanic community here in Victoria?

I've been a Victorian for just over two years now and it's come across my desk on several occasions, most recently a couple of weeks ago when a woman from Minnesota (yes, it's gotten that far) called to verify the story.

The e-mail, which describes a boycott against Caucasian-owned businesses in opposition to pending immigration legislation, is completely false. I'm not sure who started it or why, but it's definitely out there. If you type in "Victoria, TX" on Google and wait a bit, the term "Victoria, TX boycott" even comes up as a search suggestion.

With innovations like the Internet, it's hard to rein in a message like this one once it gets out, but I do at least appreciate the people who call in and check its accuracy before passing it on.

Unfortunately, not everybody does that.

And while I'm sure this blog won't reach every person who's taken in the message and made their own assumptions about Victoria and its residents, at least there is a message out there that the rumors just aren't true.

The e-mail is posted on numerous sites online, including, which also denied its truth.