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Victoria construction projects aren't just stirring up dust on-site. They're stirring up statewide interest.

Victoria was among the topics up for discussion in Tuesday's podcast from the Texas A&M University Real Estate Center.

The podcast briefly outlines construction plans for Victoria West High School and Harold Cade Middle School, which both sit on Tropical Drive. The schools boast a combined 396,000 square feet and $63 million investment, according to the show.

You can find the podcast here. Listen for Victoria's information around the 16 minute mark. The Advocate also has numerous articles about the ongoing school construction.

Local construction also made its way into a Texas Construction piece called "Texas' 2010 Top Contractors." Here, Don Krueger Construction notes 2009 was its "best year ever" and that the company brought in $84,250,000 in revenue.

Upcoming projects for the company include a Karnes City office project and, in Victoria, a $1.9 million fire station.

You can find that article here.

While such projects often get picked up by the local media, it's also good to see statewide entities take an interest in the Crossroads. Keep up the good work!

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