Blogs » Business Notebook » Tax-free weekend is just around the corner


As business reporter, I get the chance to spend a fair share of time visiting with local retailers, checking out the stores that come to town and covering whatever consumer trends are pertinent for a given time of the year.

And, as a girl who loves to shop, I'm not complaining. It makes work a lot of fun when you're delving into something you enjoy doing, anyway.

Well, as summer winds to an end, stores throughout the Crossroads are gearing up for tax-free weekend, which spans Aug. 19-21. And I've already started talking to retailers about how they're preparing, tips they have for shoppers hoping to make the best of the holiday and so on.

But then that got me thinking - what about you guys?

Do you try to hit the stores for tax-free deals or stay inside to avoid the crowds? For those of you who do go out, any tips for shoppers on the smartest way to tackle the stores?

I'm curious. And I bet more than a few potential shoppers out there are curious, as well. So share the wealth! What works for you?

Oh. And for those who are curious, here's a link to the site that gives all the ins and outs - what's tax-free, what isn't, frequently-asked questions and more.