Blogs » Business Notebook » What businesses would you like to see make their way to Victoria?


With oil and gas industry increases, an incoming Caterpillar plant and a variety of business expansions, it seems the Crossroads is on the brink of its very own mini-boom.

And area growth isn't just taking place at plants.

I've noticed a huge number of small businesses, ranging from barber shops to burger joints to title loan companies and more, opening their doors in recent months or getting ready to open up. Factor in the new apartment complexes that will soon call Victoria home and you've got yet more new businesses in the works.

That got me wondering, though. We know what's coming in, but what else is Victoria looking for?

Are there any restaurant chains you'd like to see come to town? Or any retail shops you'd like to have nearby? I, for one, would love to have a Cheddar's come in. Then again, my waistline wouldn't thank me for it.

Anyway, let me know! What would you guys like to see?