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That roller coaster ride that is the New York Stock Exchange definitely has more than a few people evaluating their portfolios - myself included. I'll admit, as someone who's new to the world of the 401(k), it's a bit disconcerting to see my holdings.

And, while 20-somethings (and, I'd imagine, many others) worldwide ponder whether they will ever, in fact, be able to retire, I comfort myself in knowing that things will turn up.

It's true - every financial adviser I've ever interviewed has emphasized that investments are a long-term deal. You can't expect to put money in one month and see a giant leap the next. But wait it out and you'll likely be OK.

(A diverse portfolio also helps, or so I'm told.)

See, the rational side of me knows it's going to be fine. The panicky side of me, however, sometimes needs some convincing.

I was about to begin this blog with the phrase that the recent downturn is "no laughing matter," but I realized it just wasn't the case. You know that whole phrase about taking apples and making Appletinis (Or whatever it is)? Well, one site out there is doing just that.

I stumbled across the Brokers With Hands On Their Faces Blog today. The name says it all. It is honestly a collection of photos of agonized brokers with their hands on their faces.

And it made me laugh.

So, while I know my current holdings could probably only get me a decent meal out or provide the gas money for a trip to the beach, I know it's going to be OK.

And, even if - ok, WHEN - I do begin to panic, I know it isn't going to hurt to have a sense of humor about it all.