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If you live in the Crossroads and have paid attention to the news (or, OK, just the buildings around you) you probably know that rental space is at a premium. Whether apartments or homes or short-term rentals, they're going quick.

And I guess that's a good thing. It means people are flocking to the region, some with families, and investing in our community.

But that led me to wonder - how are those from out-of-state finding homes? The Internet is great but, to some extent, you need to see the place in person, get a feel for the neighborhood, the floor plan, etc.

I'm actually featuring a woman on this Sunday's business page who not only offers short-term rentals, but has developed a home locator service to meet the growing demand currently eating away at the region.

She's found a niche market, she said, and has taken advantage of it.

I thought I'd take my question to the masses, however. For those who transplanted to the Crossroads, how did you find a place to live? Was it a visit to town to desperately locate an apartment? Did a friend or family member help out? Or did you rely on services from a home locator?