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Image The food truck is nothing new. It really isn't. Think back to your childhood and, I'd imagine, you'll recall at least one instance of an ice cream truck making its jingly way down your street.

But foodies nationwide have taken that concept and amped it up, offering everything from Mexican food to Thai to sushi and more, all from these mobile venues.

And the trend has trickled its way to Victoria.

I'm working on a story about the new food trucks in town, which offer sno cones, tacos, barbecue and more. And I'm looking for people to talk to. Do you frequent these on-the-go eateries? Are you curious about them? Let me know! You can respond here, call 361-580-6511 or e-mail

In the meantime, take a look at a few articles I've stumbled across. MSNBC, about a year ago, did a story on how to open a successful food truck. This site offers up a list of Austin food carts, along with pictures and where they're located.