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As Hurricane Irene swirls her way through the Caribbean, it's more than marine life feeling effects of the oncoming storm.

I'd imagine bottled water, canned goods, cleaning supplies and more are flying off store shelves. Families are probably mapping out evacuation routes and emergency management coordinators are, I'm sure, huddled together to determine the best way to meet the storm.

The threat of a pending storm - even when it doesn't necessarily affect your hometown - is always a bit unnerving. But it's also a good chance to step back and make sure that you are, in fact ready.

I'm meeting with representatives from the Insurance Council of Texas tomorrow to discuss how people can adequately prepare for storms, what documentation to have handy when evacuating, the ins and outs of insurance and more.

Hopefully I'll pass along some useful information to you guys. In the meantime, though, the insurance council's website has some pretty great pointers, too. Those include advice for business owners, info on Texas' costliest storms, advice for homeowners and more.

Take a look around the site. It's full of good information. And, if you have any questions you think I should ask tomorrow, let me know!