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Hurricane Irene is still barreling her way toward the United States and, in addition to the traditional "stock up on supplies" stories and "here's how the evacuations are going" tidbits, I've been intrigued by the business stories that are developing.

Surprise, surprise, right? I am the business reporter, after all.

But it really is interesting.

Did you know, for instance, that the New York Stock Exchange is considering whether to shut down, since subways are closing? Or that this storm is predicted to be a multibillion-dollar disaster? Or, do you have any idea what businesses and business owners should do once the storm passes?

There are a million business stories that can come out of a natural disaster such as this one - from what supplies people are purchasing to how gas stations prepare for people gassing up to evacuate and more.

And I know the business reporter in me will be soaking it in, jotting down notes and thinking ahead, in case I ever find myself covering something similar.