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Money doesn't grow on trees. It's true. That quarter I planted a few weeks back? Nothing.

And, because of that, I've found myself doing what I can to save money. A coupon here, a home-cooked meal there, a close look at ways to trim my electric bill, it all comes into play.

It's working, too. I might not be rolling in dough, but I'm getting by. That's good for me, of course, but takes a different spin in the grand scheme of things.

You see, it's consumers like me who are killing the economy. That's what Time says, at least. An article the news magazine posted Wednesday explains that the new, savvier consumer is doing what he can to stay out of debt, oftentimes because he's afraid of the shaky economy.

The funny part? That lack of spending is what is keeping the economy down.

To quote the article: "The Catch-22, chicken-egg predicament we now have on our hands is this: One of the main reasons the jobs market is so poor is weak consumer spending, and consumer spending is weak partly because the jobs market is so darn poor. As a result, the economy has pretty much been going nowhere. It doesn’t really matter whether freaked-out consumers first started hampering the economic recovery, or the uncertain economy began freaking out consumers. The result is that we’re getting closer to a double-dip recession ... "

So, how about it? Have you found yourself cutting back through this economic crunch like I have? If so, is there another way for consumers to help get the economy back on its feet?

Of course, there is no easy answer. And I'm actually thankful I'm not one of the people paid to solve such problems. But it is something to think about.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to clip some coupons.

PS: Earlier, I said money doesn't grow on trees. But, recently, it did fall from the sky in the Netherlands. Just thought I'd pass that along.