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As many people wrap up leftovers, bid their families adieu and settle into Thursday evening's turkey-induced hangover, there's another subsection out there just getting started.

These are the people poring over newspaper ads, mapping out strategies and bundling up to wait in line for Black Friday doorbusters.

And, this year, they can keep in touch via Twitter.

The Advocate set up a new hashtag - #vtxshop - for Twitter users out perusing the stores the day after Thanksgiving.

If you're waiting in line, dodging frenzied shopping carts or simply relishing in the fact that you're avoiding the consumerist chaos, add the hashtag to the end of your tweet. That way it can sit alongside other Black Friday messages. The hashtag not only gives other shoppers an idea of what's going on at other stores, but gives you something to do while you're waiting in line. And hey - it could help you find other Crossroads tweeps.

I'll be out there starting at 11 p.m. Thursday, talking with those in line, watching as stores open their doors and tweeting my experiences, too. You can follow my Black Friday exploits at @amiles11.

Happy shopping!