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As I wrote up yesterday's blog asking for help on a "business of Halloween" story, visions of my own childhood Halloweens came to mind.

There was the year I'd known for weeks I wanted to go as a cheerleader, only to stop my mom five minutes before I left to trick-or-treat. "I want to be a CLOWN cheerleader now," I told her. (Ironic, since clowns now scare me.) "Oh, I put a lot of makeup on you," Mom said. "It's more than a regular cheerleader would wear." It was a lie, but I accepted it.

Then there was the year my dad slipped while crossing a neighborhood creek, leaving us to crawl around the wet grass - in the dark - to locate his missing glasses. Don't worry, I found them.

But the memory that ALWAYS comes to mind was the thrifty way my mom dealt with the candy issue.

See, we lived in a pretty sizable neighborhood. It was big enough to where, by the time we finished one half, we'd return home to dump our candy and then head out again. Our candy didn't just sit idly by while we went to collect more, however.

Instead, Mom sifted through our haul, pulling out the Jujubes, the orange-and-black taffy, the Reese Cups knock-offs, all the things she knew we wouldn't eat. Then ... she passed that out to the kids who showed up at our door.

That left us with the good candy she'd bought. Pure genius. (Sorry, neighborhood friends. You probably didn't need to know that.)

So, how about you guys? Any similar stories? I'd love to hear them - and I'm sure other readers would love the tips on how to save a little green during the holiday.