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Ever have those nights where you just can't sleep? Where you toss and turn, get up for a snack, watch some TV and then ... toss and turn some more?

If so, you aren't alone. Many people out there suffer the same fate multiple nights a week.

Those sleepless nights might be doing more than luring you toward an extra cup of coffee the next day, though. They could be costing your company big. on Thursday posted an article describing the financial hits employers take when their workers don't get enough shuteye.

Although insomniacs are no more likely to miss work than others, they are consistently tired on the job. So tired, in fact, that they cost their employers the equivalent of 7.8 days of lost productivity a year. That's a whopping $2,280 in salary (more or less) per person annually.

Nationwide, that's $63 billion in lost productivity.


The article was a pretty interesting read. And, while I don't suffer insomnia myself - I'm more likely to accidentally fall asleep on the couch before I make my way upstairs - I can imagine the toll it takes on the sufferer. And the sufferer's place of business, too, apparently.

For those who do suffer, any insomnia cures you'd like to pass along?