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I'm not squeamish when it comes to bugs.

Do they annoy me? Yes. Do I prefer to keep them outside? Yes. But I'm more likely to scoop one onto paper and escort out than to squish it.

That being said, I still became uneasy during today's assignment, a seminar about the creepy, crawly bed bug. I don't know whether it was the fact that this tiny invader is making its way to the Crossroads, or that it nibbles while you're at your most vulnerable, but whatever it was, it had me feeling itchy.

I learned a lot during this four-hour seminar, though. Like, did you know only 50 percent of people bitten by the bugs have a physical reaction? Or that you don't feel the bite because, first, the bug injects a chemical to numb the area?

Yeah, me neither.

It turns out there's a lot I didn't know about the issue, but I'm not alone. The people at the seminar said many people remain in the dark when it comes to hunting down the bugs and treating infestations. And, if you don't treat the problem, it only gets worse.

Luckily, information is out there.

Take a look at this site, which offers information not only on spotting the little guys, but for people in the apartment industry on protecting their assets, getting rid of the problem and more. Treatment isn't always easy, or cheap, but it's important.

Have you guys had bed bug problems in Victoria?