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Back in the day, you were probably content to make do with whatever pocket change trickled in. That $5 for mowing the lawn, your weekly allowance for chores and, of course, that whopping $10 you brought in via lemonade stand, for instance.

Fast forward 20 years, however, and those odds-and-ends tasks don't cut it. Forget the fact that you don't look nearly as cute behind that "Lemonade, 50 cents" sign. With today's ever-increasing gas prices, that meager income could barely get you out of town.

So, what's a grown-up to do when an everyday income is enough to get by but they'd like to bring in a bit more green? Obviously, it's time to get creative.

An MSN Money article by Stacy Johnson lists a few unconventional ways to bring in some bucks. Among those? Participating in clinical trials, money-making mobile apps and selling both blood and plasma.

A article by Philip Taylor laid out another 52 ideas for those strapped for cash. His ideas ranged from regular part-time jobs, such as waiting tables or valet parking, to creatively using one's own skills to their advantage.

While those of the writing persuasion can always look for freelance gigs, Taylor suggested taking it a step further. See poorly-written ads on Cragslist? Offer to jazz up the writing for a 1 percent commission. Also consider paid product reviews.

Other tips include selling digital photos, renting out one's truck or van, taking on a mystery shopper job and more.

The message I took from both of these is that it pays to think outside the box. It pays to use one's abilities - and the tools around them - to their fullest extent.

Have any of you come up with clever ways to bring in cash in the Crossroads? I know there are some creative folks out there.