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When I think of summer vacation it's usually trips to the pool, late nights playing outside and sleepovers at friends' houses - all those great aspects of a carefree childhood - that come to mind. Through my years as a business writer, however, I've come to realize that summer also offers up the chance to gain some on-the-job experience, take in some extra money and learn responsibility.

In short, it's a chance to take on seasonal employment.

Still, summer work isn't limited to teens with extra time on their hands. Many teachers, too, use the season as a chance to bring in some added income.

Take a look at this Careerealism article that lists out seven summer job ideas for teachers in the off season. Or this website, Summer Workation, which serves as a job board for educators.

It seems this is a pretty common occurrence.

I'm working on a business feature about educators who take on summer jobs, and would love to talk with Crossroads teachers about it. Why did you decide to work? Or why did you decide not to? Is it ever awkward running into students when you're on summer break?

Feel free to respond here, email me at or call 361-580-6511 if you'd like to share your story.