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Look at the title. Think about it. It's good advice.

And really, it's advice for everyone. Whether you're 4 and taking the plunge into preschool, in college taking finals or a senior who just doesn't understand kids these days - you get the point - it applies.

Still, I'm targeting a specific group with this blog. A group many simply don't understand. Those people? The earlybird shoppers who hit stores en mass for post-Thanksgiving deals.

These are people I feel I've gotten to know well through the years. Not because I'm a Black Friday shopper myself, but because I cover them each year for the paper. And this time around we're putting together a special section specifically for those who will spend hours in line searching out those holiday buys.

This in-the-works section includes a word search, Black Friday Bingo card and other goodies, but there is one element you can weigh in on. We want to know what makes someone a good partner to have in line.

Do you want to stand alongside someone who will hold your spot when you're off to find a restroom? What about the person who offers up the Turkey Day leftovers? Or the guy with great taste in music?

The possibilities are endless here, which is why we want your opinions. Comment on this post, email or call me in the newsroom at 361-580-6511 if you'd like to be part of this story, which runs on Thanksgiving Day. Your tips will be part of that special Black Friday section, and will hopefully make for a happier experience for the Crossroads' hardcore shoppers.

Oh - and one more thing. Don't forget the Advocate's Twitter contest. Tweet photos using the hashtag #VTXshop throughout your shopping experience. We'll feature a number of photos in the paper, but the best one - as chosen by the editorial department - wins a prize.