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The Tax Rate Deception


I got a Don Pozzi campaign card in the mail today, and I'm beginning to wonder if he's committing mail fraud with one of the claims he makes:
"Judge Pozzi has continued to hold the county tax rate at the same level it has been for about eight years BY CUTTING SPENDING and waste."

Folks, the tax record (below) shows that tax collections have INCREASED substantially during the period the tax rate has stayed the same -- over 33%, in fact.

Actual Spending from CAFRs
2004 - $33.93MM
2005 - $36.55MM
2006 - $38.57MM
2007 - $40.58MM
2008 - $47.82MM

Budgeted Spending
2009 - $49.97MM
2010 - $46.49MM

(Note: Actual spending from CAFRs from 2004 to 2008 increased 41%. Still waiting on actual 2009 & 2010 spending figures.)

Where are the spending cuts he claims he made to keep the tax rate the same?

This campaign deception drives my previous case straight the house and puts it to bed. The lid on the TAX RATE DECEPTION has been flipped. This should get the message through even the thickest of skulls -- IT'S ALL ABOUT THE BUDGETS!!!

I think Kevin Janak* needs to arrange another train to haul away Don Pozzi's bullcorn to an area with hungry livestock. (*Sincere kudos to Kevin)