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Several weeks ago, I began to chart the connections between the various local nonprofit/private organizations, anointed committees, and (quasi-)governmental bodies to better understand the nuances of our city's power structure in order to become a more informed citizen. The diagram has become a total rat's nest, but it's still a great tool for quickly cross-referencing the players in Victoria's sphere of influence — not to suggest that power & influence lead to sinister deeds. I'm far from finished, but I wanted to share what I've done so far to help other citizens get their heads around the tangled web of relationships that drives our city.

I have a long way to go with this, but I think it's time to let you be a part of the process. I encourage everyone to offer suggestions and make me aware of errors. Be sure to refer to the color-coded legend at the bottom-right of the document. For easy navigation, use the Hand Tool and +/- Zoom in the toolbar. (If you can't find the Hand Tool button, you can hold down the spacebar to drag the image.) I recommend viewing the full screen version HERE.

Victoria Relationship Diagram


In the near future, I plan to add...
- Several more groups
- Connections showing the flow of public & private funds
- Citation hyperlinks leading to public documents

=== NOTICE ===
- This diagram in no way alleges or implies wrongdoing.
- Information has been compiled from public records and/or websites.
- Any inaccuracies are likely due to outdated records and are unintentional. Please report them here.