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The latest buzz around town involves a potential dethroning of Mayor Will Armstrong. Nope, it won’t be at the hands of Robin Holy or Chelle Nickerson. The Mayor’s own words violating the City Charter (his contract) may be his undoing. Watch the video and judge for yourself.

(you may need to close an on-screen pop-up ad at the beginning of the video)

City Charter
Article XII, Section 9 - Officers and employees not to assist candidates.

"Any officer or employee of the City who, while on duty, by solicitation or otherwise shall exert his or her influence directly or indirectly to influence any other officer or employee of the City to favor any particular person or candidate for office in the City shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and upon conviction thereof shall forfeit his or her office or employment and be punished by a fine not exceeding five hundred dollars ($500.00). Officers and employees shall not be permitted to take an active part in any political campaign of another for an elective position of the City if they are in uniform or on active duty. The term "active part" means making political speeches, passing out cards or other political literature, wearing campaign buttons, writing letters, circulating or signing petitions, soliciting votes, soliciting contributions, and making public derogatory remarks about candidates for such elective positions. City officers and employees are prohibited from contributing or using city resources, equipment or money for election campaigning. Officers and employees coming under the provisions of this section are not required to contribute to any political fund or render any political service to any person or party whatsoever; and no person shall be removed, reduced in classification or salary, or otherwise prejudiced by refusing to do so; and any official who attempts the same shall be guilty of violating the provisions of this section."

Formal complaints can be lodged at the Victoria Police Dept.