Blogs » Paradigm Shifter » Gallup Poll: 29% of Republicans Haven't Been Paying Attention...


... or have they?

A Gallup Poll released yesterday shows that Rick "TTC" Perry has "zoomed" to the lead of the GOP field. I don't know a soul who trusts that man, so I'm searching for an explanation for why/how 29% of Americans polled could support him. What mechanism or flaw—other than self-delusion, masochism and/or neoconservatism—would drive that many people to madness?

One interesting thing to note is Ron Paul has leapt over Michele "Top Tier" Bachmann for third place. The spin will be amusing.

The age breakdown is also interesting, but I'll let you guys give me your thoughts on it.

It hurts to admit this, but I'd rather have a flip-flopping, socialist war hawk like Romney than a slimy, land-grabbing (attempted), Big-Pharma-shilling, Bush clone like Perry. Perry is bad news for every segment of society not directly profiting from endless war or corporate welfare, but I repeat myself. And let's not forget that Texas debt has nearly tripled on Perry's watch.