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Of course the Iowa Caucuses matter... unless the winner is challenging the morally- and logically-bankrupt status quo. We're told that a Ron Paul victory in Iowa would somehow invalidate the results, and we'd only need to pay attention to 2nd & 3rd place. Mitt Romney recently said Paul doesn't "represent the mainstream", and he's correct. But the "mainstream" IS THE PROBLEM!! Romney is the problem! Anyone advocating we only make slight corrections in our collision course with economic insolvency & imperialistic demise IS the problem.
So, I consider it a Badge of Honor that I support a candidate that's debased & overlooked by the mainstream media, mainstream candidates, and mainstream America. The mainstream is the manifestation of our tyranny of the majority. However, I have hope that dissension will become popular in the mainstream and an awakening will occur before it's too late.

What a difference four years makes...

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