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Did the City pay VEDC to lobby for a UHV ouster?

There have been multiple coincidental "citizen reports" (Exhibit A) that the City Of Victoria—via the Victoria Sales Tax Development Corporation (VSTDC)—approved the recent unmarked $100,000 payout to the VEDC in Executive Session for the purposes of hiring a lobbyist to tickle the Texas Legislature into replacing UHV with another U system. If this turns out to be true, whatever your position on the "UHV Question", you'd have to feel uneasy about this level of secrecy and subversion by our local government if it falls outside the legally-prescribed scope of economic development.

It seems I'm not the only one whose neck has been nearly broken from violent head-shakes of disapproval in this matter. I received a second-hand legal brief (below) drafted by an unaffiliated, out-of-town attorney which was solicited by an unknown concerned citizen, and I thought you folks should take a gander to better understand the implications of such a move by the City. The description of "civil remedies" in Section IV will be a highlight for any other concerned citizens.

Let's hope things didn't go down this way. Whenever & wherever the $100k finds the light of day, I'm brimming with anticipation of the "thousand-fold" return.

The Rubicon Brief