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Is it just me, or does Gingrich make Romney look like a cheap wicker sandal with his flip-floppery? Why should America trust these jokers to do what they say or say what they do? Do these guys have any discernible guiding (virtuous) principles, or do they just expect us to suffer their whims? Please discuss.


Newt Gingrich tried to prevent Ron Paul's 1996 return to Congress
by Kyle Rogers - Charleston Conservative Examiner
November 30, 2011

Gingrich and Paul have a history of conflict. In 1996, Newt Gingrich became Speaker of the House and aggresively urged fellow Republicans to tone down their conservative views. Gingrich was calling for the Republican party to modernize. It was at this time that Gingrich tried to keep Ron Paul from returning to congress.

Paul had decided to run for Congress in 1996 after a ten year absence. Gingrich went to great lengths to try to stop Paul in Republican primary. Ron Paul's primary opponent, incumbent Greg Laughlin, was a former Democrat. Newt Gingrich recruited Laughlin to the Republican camp in 1995 by promising him a position in the Republican controlled US House. Gingrich recruited fifty congressmen and then Texas Governor George W. Bush to endorse Laughlin over Paul.

Ron Paul dug up statements by Gingrich and the RNCC attacking Laughlin in 1994. He published these statements in newspaper ads. Paul also enlisted the aid of Pat Buchanan, Nolan Ryan, and Steve Forbes for his campaign.

Paul won the primary and went on to win the general election. He has retained the seat ever since.

Today the Ron Paul campaign released a two and a half minute commercial portraying Gingrich as a serial flip flopper. The commercial has several excerpts from Rush Limbaugh and other conservatives.

As Newt Gingrich rises to be the media's latest flavor of the week, the other candidates are also taking shots.

Gingrich has been pushing strict border enforcement in several recent appearances. Michelle Bachman released a letter, signed by Gingrich in 2004, that promotes amnesty for illeagle aliens.

Mitt Romney attacked Newt Gingrich as a "lifelong politician" who wouldn't know how to run the economy.

Ron Paul's New, Tough Ad Hits Newt Gingrich Hard On 'Serial Hypocrisy'
by Frank James - NPR
November 30, 2011

Ron Paul's presidential campaign strikes what looks to be the hardest blow yet on the surging Newt Gingrich in a new video called "Serial Hypocrisy."

The ad uses several instances where Gingrich either aligned himself with liberals (like his famous ad with Rep. Nancy Pelosi on climate change or attack on fellow Republican, Rep. Paul Ryan's budget plan as "right-wing social engineering.")

[ad video embedded here]

It also bashes Gingrich for engaging in the kind of Washington insider behavior he has criticized in others, like his being paid at least $1.5 million by Freddie Mac, one of the troubled mortgage giants.

The ad ends with this self-damning quote from Gingrich:

"It's wrong to go around and adopt radically different positions. Than people have to ask themselves 'What will you tell me next time?' "

An excerpt from a news release accompanying the ad that's going out to its huge email list the Paul campaign said:

"Our campaign is making a bold move to debunk the myth that the Newt we are seeing on the 2012 campaign trail is the conservative he has been touted to be all along. This step we are taking is necessary, as voters are seeking authenticity among conservatives who are able to show a decades-long career of consistently walking the walk of Constitutional principles, limited government, and promoting sound money and economic policy. Ron Paul is the only Republican presidential candidate with that record," said Ron Paul 2012 National Campaign Chairman Jesse Benton.

It's the kind of ad that would be very hard for Mitt Romney to pull off. That's an attack that would inevitably be turned back on Romney, reminding many voters of their problem with him as a candidate.

But Paul has, if nothing else, been consistent, even when it has placed him at odds with the vast majority of conservatives, like his opposition to having U.S. troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. As the messenger for this message, he's virtually untouchable.