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Ron Paul supporters have organized a Black This Out! donation drive (money bomb) today to both raise funds and raise awareness of the media's deliberate minimizing of Paul's Presidential campaign. While this was not initiated by his campaign, they have embraced the message and have created a snazzy donation tracker on their website.

Overblown whining? Here are the stats from the Pew Research Center's latest analysis:

An article about the results:
The Atlantic Wire - "Ron Paul Media Blackout Confirmed"

An open letter the creators of this money bomb have submitted to the media...

Attention: Mainstream Media

To Whom It May Concern:

The money being donated to the Ron Paul campaign today - the "Black This Out" money bomb - is a direct result of your blatant manipulation of the Republican presidential primary elections. You have purposely attempted to marginalize the candidacy, criticize the electability, and mislead the public about the only true small government candidate running for the Republican nomination for President, congressman Ron Paul of Texas.

Your manipulative agenda has been made clear, and is now obviously apparent. Simply put, the supporters of the Champion of the Constitution realize you will never provide fair, accurate, and unbiased coverage for our favored candidate.

• When the only true patriot in this race achieves a straw poll victory, you declare that his success is meaningless and signifies nothing. Even worse, you sometimes fail to report his accomplishment at all. However, when one of your "chosen" candidates wins a straw poll, you cannot cease from singing his or her praises.

• When we demonstrate how well we are organized, how supportive we are of our candidate, and show up in numbers to an event, you declare that we have "gamed" the event, or cheated somehow. Our dedication to our candidate is declared to be fanatical, in the most negative sense of the word. However, when on occasion the supporters of an establishment supported "big government" candidate manages to show their enthusiasm, they are applauded.

• When online polls are posted, and the defender of the Bill of Rights wins due to the number of his supporters, we are accused of having made the the results invalid. According to you, it is unacceptable for those of us who defend liberty to stay aware of online polls, and sacrifice a moment from our lives to participate. However, you never make the same accusation of other candidates if they manage to win a poll, after you have re-set the vote count several times because you disapproved of the first outcome.

• When our candidate participates in debates, he obtains the least speaking time. Even when the question is directly relevant to him -- such as when a question on health care is asked -- you do not give him an opportunity to speak. Instead, you turn the debates into a snooze fest, in which meaningless banter is bounced back and fourth, instead of discussions about the most important issues facing our nation. If the only peace maker in the group does get asked a question, it is often the least relevant question that could be asked.

• When "Dr. No" raises more money in a quarter than other candidates, obtains donations from a greater number of individuals than multiple other candidates combined, raises more money from members of the military than anyone else running, or raises millions of dollars in a single day, the significance is often downplayed or ignored while candidates who can't raise funds and have campaigns that are in debt, or who receive the bulk of their donations from huge corporations, are cheered.

We have faced the facts. You are trying to control the outcome of this election and will never cover in fair, reasonable, and journalistic manner, the only candidate that can beat Obama, so we have resolved to counter your efforts. Today's Black This Out money bomb is the metaphorical "first shot" of the "second stage" of the Ron Paul Revolution, triggered by YOU. From this day forward, we are going to redouble our efforts toward winning the nomination without you. We will make the necessary sacrifices to continually and steadfastly donate our money and our time, until our candidate has the funds and support to purchase the undistorted coverage that you have denied him. Ron Paul will not go without the funds and volunteers needed to win this race.

The Ron Paul Revolution

For those who're interested, here are Ron Paul's responses from last night's debate: