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Below is an eye-opening documentary on Iran's people and culture. It's easy to forget they're a modern country when we keep hearing that it's a viper pit boiling over with anti-American hatred. Any hatred they harbor is due to our meddling in their internal affairs to gain access to their oil (sounds familiar), and it's given their rulers plenty of material for propaganda. Hmm, I wonder how Iraqis will view us in 50 years. Hint: it won't be as liberators.
We must recognize Iran is not much different than America — both countries have governments with foreign policies of which many of their people disapprove. This documentary shows me a country full of people who don't want to be vaporized by a retaliatory nuclear strike, which really disputes the notion the country is behind its leaders in a drive to nuke someone. But, if we are to attack them unjustly, we will create a country that comes together against a common aggressive enemy, just as we would under the same circumstances. To what lengths would you go if a cluster bomb leveled your neighborhood and killed your family? We have an opportunity to allow the more open-minded Iranian youth to change their country from within, but our drumbeats have likely already squandered that chance. Our sanctions do nothing to deter the Iranian government's actions, but they do harm the people and force them to pick a side. I think our junta knows that sanctions are slope-greasing tactics that incite desperate acts and do nothing to promote peace. After all, I'm assuming peace is our goal since our President won a medal for it.
As I replay the illegitimate run-up to the Iraq War in my head, I truly hurt inside when imagining our rogue government doing the same to yet another country's innocent men, women and children. Any pro-life Christians got my back?
If we destroy another country unjustly, history will view us as belligerent barbarians, not as a peace- and freedom-loving people. Then again, if we loved peace and freedom, we wouldn't have let them slip away so easily. It's sad and disgusting to see what we've become in less than 250 years.