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The lack of an honest dialogue is the number one reason; we cannot pass a comprehensive immigration reform bill.

The slogan “I’m for immigration, legal immigration” is a prime example.  I can say, “I am against drugs, illegal ones”.  We are all against lawbreaking, but why is this law so important?  Could we be skirting the issue?  I read an article by Douglas Mackinnon, stating he was not a xenophobe or a racist, just because he was for border control.  He went on to say he was married to a Hispanic -American, and he speaks Spanish; so did he think he had a special license and would not be judged on his writing?  Could it be Mr. Lou Dobbs and Mr. MacKinnon obsession with the southern border, saying nothing about the 6 million overstayed visas, Canada and the other 40%, that are breaking our nation’s laws? They rarely mention the companies who are violating our federal wage and labor laws.

The northern and southern border should have been sealed on September 12, 2001. Our neighbors to the north and south of us would have understood and supported us.

Border security is a priority, along with documentation.  Not much is said about the comprehension immigration bill that was turned down.  This bill had 18 months of border enforcement tactics before any talk of work visas.  Just think we would be into the 10th month of electronic surveillance, more border patrol, employer sanctions, and implementing the biometric card system for future documented immigrants.  We opted for status quo, because of the threat of amnesty.

Oh, we could close down a few packing houses and chicken processing plants.  But what will they do?  They would consolidate and be more profitable, calling for more illegal immigrants.  If you go to New Orleans and start to shut down the construction sites that are hiring illegal immigrants, you will set that devastated city way back. We must keep a close eye on the economy as we are going through this process.

We have an aging workforce and a reproduction rate of 1.2%.  The defeated comprehension reform bill, called for, an additional 140,000 immigrants.  Why do I feel that we need the 12 to 20 million undocumented workers that are living here now?

Both political parties are responsible for our broken immigration policy.  Republican support for illegal immigration is economic (donors), while those in a party that opposed illegal immigration is based cultural differences.  The Democratic support for illegal immigration is culture, and those who opposed is economic (unions).

Mike Huckabee’s immigration plan is a sample of not understanding the problem.  He seems to think that we can just tell them go home for a few days, and we we’ll reprocess them on their entry back into this country. He used the Visa credit card company way of processing their credit card applications….. Number one, the illegal immigrants would not trust our government will let them back in.  Number two, our Social Security and immigration database is a bad need of repair. Mr. Huckabee seems to think it would only take one or two days processing ,using in the Visa card method, then why send them home, process at the company site. A little bit of pandering to both sides of this issue.

I purposely left out the social benefits, because the new comprehensive immigration reform bill will address that issue.


My solutions, read and understand the proposed bill, because none of us can fully comprehend all the details that went into the comprehensive immigration bill. Then we can have an honest dialogue on illegal immigration.